Review Of Best Badminton Racket Below 2000 In India


1. Recommended List Of Rackets

2. Final Thoughts

Most of the people have a great passion for games and sports. They engage themselves in some kind of games either for amusement or keeping their health in good condition.

Nowadays, people choose to play indoor games and prefer sports like badminton. To play this game, everybody needs a proper racquet, which is suitable for the game.

But, you may find it challenging first to choose an appropriate racket from the market.

Rackets of various qualities are found in the market, and you may not be able to select the right model that suits best for you.

That is why I have compiled a list of rackets to make your selection process much shorter and hassle-free.

When you begin your journey, you need not buy an expensive racket to play. You have several options to choose from and can start hitting the court in no time.

Here, I am going to mention a few of the rackets which are not so expensive but not lesser in quality than that of expensive ones.

Moreover, the game itself is a costly one, and if you can find a racket of medium-cost with the same qualities of an expensive one, then you hit the jackpot.

Being a badminton player myself, I am accustomed to playing with these rackets that I am going to mention.

That is why I suggest you use one of the following badminton rackets and make it your partner.

Please Note: The prices of the racket may vary a little bit, so do consider it before reading the article.

#1 Nanoray Light 11i

It is a headlight series racket. This model helps in providing fast racket handling that will help you to improve your skills of playing badminton.

The racket is very suitable for making fast and powerful drive shots and smashes. The shape of its frame is isometric.

Its frame and shaft are made up of HM graphite. With 5U(78gms) weight configurations, you can put the string tension up to 23 lbs.


  • It is a lightweight racquet and hence will always help in playing better and faster drive shots.
  • It has a better racquet handling with high repulsion power and strength. 
  • Suitable for making powerful smashes.


  • Not recommended for singles players. The overall design of the racket is best to play doubles shots.

#2 Arcsaber Light 15i

It is one of the best racquets under the rate of 2000. Developed in Japan and made in China, this racket is a technologically advanced one, especially for beginner players.

The shape of the racket is an isometric shape, and the material of its frame and shaft is made up of HM graphite.

This racket helps in delivering quick responses to high-speed rallies with absolute control.

With 5U(78g) weight configuration, you can put up the string tension up to 20 to 30 lbs and comes with a grip size is G4.


  • If you are a beginner, then ARCSABER LIGHT 15i can always be a fantastic choice for you as it is an extremely light racquet and helpful in making fast responses to all the shots.
  • You will find excellent control in your shots.
  • Even though it is a lower-priced racket, but, I loved the premium look and design. 


  • Durability is in question.

#3 Nanoray 7 AH

It is another headlight racket that helps in offering fast racket handling and swing speed. It helps a player to make rapid responses to every shot.

The nanomesh and carbon nanotube material used in this racquet helps in providing perfect repulsion to the players during the game.

The shaft and the frame of the racquet are made of HM graphite material. With 4U weight configurations, you can put up string tension up to 24 lbs.


  • Useful for making quick responses to the shots of the opponent.
  • Useful for playing fast drive shots.
  • It has excellent control.


  • This racquet is suitable for intermediate players only, not for professional players

#4 Arcsaber Light 10i

This racket is another one of the best rackets of the ARCSABER series, which was made in China and developed in Japan. 

Its isometric head shape gives better stability and an enlarged sweet spot by which you can be able to play powerful and effective shots.

YONEX ARCSABER LIGHT 10i is a lightweight racket. Due to its lightweight nature, it gives you better control, improved repulsion power, and strength. You will find it easy to play better and faster drive shots.

The material of its shaft and frame is HM graphite. With 5U(75-79gm) weight configurations, you can put up the string tension up to 30lbs.


  • Since it is a lightweight racquet, it is very suitable for placing fast drive shots.
  • Its enlarged sweet spot helps in playing more effective and powerful shots.
  • This racquet has got perfect control and strength.


  • This racket is not an ideal choice for the professional or advanced players. But, if you are a beginner, I will highly recommend to get it.

#5 Nanoray 68 Light

It is one of the best and worthy rackets for the beginners, which belongs to the NANORAY series. It is believed to be a full graphite racquet. 

This racket helps in giving a fast and controlled swing to the players during a play. With this lightweight racket, you can respond quickly to all the high-speed rallies of your opponent during a game. 

The shape of its frame is isometric, and the material used in its shaft and frame is HM graphite. With 5U(ave. 79gms) weight configurations, 20-24 lbs string tension can be put on this racquet.


  • YONEX NANORAY 68 LIGHT is a perfect racquet for doubles players. So, if you are interested in playing doubles, then you can go for this racquet without thinking twice. 
  • Suitable for making quick responses to high-speed rallies during a game.
  • Perfect for playing fast drive shots.


  • I have found that compared to other rackets, it is not suitable to make powerful smashes.


I have mentioned a few numbers of racquets in my earlier topics.

Here in this article, I have mentioned some of the racquets of an affordable rate for their excellent qualities. These are easily affordable for every player.

Though these racquets are lesser in cost than those of higher prices, yet they are never lesser when it comes to their qualities.

You can correctly show your techniques of playing this game with the racquets I have mentioned above.

If you are a professional or an advanced player, then you may not choose these racquets, but they are well enough for a mediocre player. I suggest that you should buy one of these rackets which will enable you to play the game more effectively and joyfully.