Review Of Best Badminton Racket Below 2000 In India

Most of the people have a great passion for games and sports. They engage themselves in some kind of games either for amusement or keeping their health in good condition.

Nowadays, people choose to play indoor games and prefer sports like badminton. To play this game, everybody needs a proper racquet, which is suitable for the game.

But, you may find it challenging first to choose an appropriate racket from the market.

Rackets of various qualities are found in the market, and you may not be able to select the right model that suits best for you.

That is why I have compiled a list of rackets to make your selection process much shorter and hassle-free.

When you begin your journey, you need not buy an expensive racket to play. You have several options to choose from and can start hitting the court in no time.

Here, I am going to mention a few of the rackets which are not so expensive but not lesser in quality than that of expensive ones.

Moreover, the game itself is a costly one, and if you can find a racket of medium-cost with the same qualities of an expensive one, then you hit the jackpot.

Being a badminton player myself, I am accustomed to playing with these rackets that I am going to mention.

That is why I suggest you use one of the following badminton rackets and make it your partner.

Please Note: The prices of the racket may vary a little bit, so do consider it before reading the article.

#1 Nanoray Light 11i:

It is a headlight series racket. This model helps in providing fast racket handling that will help you to improve your skills of playing badminton.

The racket is very suitable for making fast and powerful drive shots and smashes. The shape of its frame is isometric.

Its frame and shaft are made up of HM graphite. With 5U(78gms) weight configurations, you can put the string tension up to 23 lbs.


  • It is a lightweight racquet and hence will always help in playing better and faster drive shots.
  • It has a better racquet handling with high repulsion power and strength.
  • Suitable for making powerful smashes.


  • Not recommended for singles players. The overall design of the racket is best to play doubles shots.

#2 Arcsaber Light 15i:

It is one of the best racquets under the rate of 2000. Developed in Japan and made in China, this racket is a technologically advanced one, especially for beginner players.

The shape of the racket is an isometric shape, and the material of its frame and shaft is made up of HM graphite.

This racket helps in delivering quick responses to high-speed rallies with absolute control.

With 5U(78g) weight configuration, you can put up the string tension up to 20 to 30 lbs and comes with a grip size is G4.


  • If you are a beginner, then ARCSABER LIGHT 15i can always be a fantastic choice for you as it is an extremely light racquet and helpful in making fast responses to all the shots.
  • You will find excellent control in your shots.
  • Even though it is a lower-priced racket, but, I loved the premium look and design.


  • Durability is in question.

#3 Nanoray 7 AH:

It is another headlight racket that helps in offering fast racket handling and swing speed. It helps a player to make rapid responses to every shot.

The nanomesh and carbon nanotube material used in this racquet helps in providing perfect repulsion to the players during the game.

The shaft and the frame of the racquet are made of HM graphite material. With 4U weight configurations, you can put up string tension up to 24 lbs.


  • Useful for making quick responses to the shots of the opponent.
  • Useful for playing fast drive shots.
  • It has excellent control.


  • This racquet is suitable for intermediate players only, not for professional players

#4 Arcsaber Light 10i:

This racket is another one of the best rackets of the ARCSABER series, which was made in China and developed in Japan.

Its isometric head shape gives better stability and an enlarged sweet spot by which you can be able to play powerful and effective shots.

YONEX ARCSABER LIGHT 10i is a lightweight racket. Due to its lightweight nature, it gives you better control, improved repulsion power, and strength. You will find it easy to play better and faster drive shots.

The material of its shaft and frame is HM graphite. With 5U(75-79gm) weight configurations, you can put up the string tension up to 30lbs.


  • Since it is a lightweight racquet, it is very suitable for placing fast drive shots.
  • Its enlarged sweet spot helps in playing more effective and powerful shots.
  • This racquet has got perfect control and strength.


  • This racket is not an ideal choice for the professional or advanced players. But, if you are a beginner, I will highly recommend to get it.

#5 Nanoray 68 Light:

It is one of the best and worthy rackets for the beginners, which belongs to the NANORAY series. It is believed to be a full graphite racquet.

This racket helps in giving a fast and controlled swing to the players during a play. With this lightweight racket, you can respond quickly to all the high-speed rallies of your opponent during a game.

The shape of its frame is isometric, and the material used in its shaft and frame is HM graphite. With 5U(ave. 79gms) weight configurations, 20-24 lbs string tension can be put on this racquet.


  • YONEX NANORAY 68 LIGHT is a perfect racquet for doubles players. So, if you are interested in playing doubles, then you can go for this racquet without thinking twice.
  • Suitable for making quick responses to high-speed rallies during a game.
  • Perfect for playing fast drive shots.


  • I have found that compared to other rackets, it is not suitable to make powerful smashes.

What are some best brands that provides Badminton rackets under 2000?

For badminton players, the racquet is an essential part of their body. It’s an extension of their arm.

Thus, having a good badminton racquet is an unavoidable part of being a good player.

In this article, I will give you an excellent guide on the best badminton racquet brands. If you want to know about each brand’s benefits and downsides, you can’t miss it.

Although I can’t cover all the brands that exist, I’ll do my best to find the best ones I can so you have an idea of what’s out there.

Now, let’s get down to it!

#1 Yonex:

Among badminton racquets, Yonex is one of the most famous and reputable brands out there. Their products have the topmost quality, and they represent a durable extension of your arm to enhance your performance.

If you get a Yonex, you’ll improve in terms of stability, strength and speed – basically, every skill a good player needs.

However, the best part about buying a Yonex racquet is that it’s perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, you can buy a Yonex, and you’ll have one of the best racquets in your hand.

#2 Wilson:

This racquet brand is one of the most famous ones. It’s very popular in North America, and it stands out from any other racquet because of its “W” trademark.

Besides making great racquets, Wilson is now improving all of their products to help enhance players’ performance.

#3 Victor:

Victor is one of the best brands you can find out there. The company’s racquets are famous for their powerful smashes.

Besides, the racquets are immensely durable. Although they’re the preferred brand for many amateur players, professional players also enjoy using them.

#4 Fleet:

Thousands of people trust Fleet because of its durable products and trustworthy racquets. It’s also very loved among beginners thanks to its continuous efforts to make badminton fun for beginners.

If you want a comfortable and durable racquet to begin playing badminton, Fleet might be a good option for you.

The company constantly changes and improves its operations to make better items and improve their attention to customers. It’s an enterprise that wants to show everyone how fun badminton can be.

#5 Forza:

Badminton players across the globe also know a lot about Forza. The company started in 1990, and it’s one of the most famous ones in Denmark.

Forza is famous for providing players with amazing quality, besides making a tremendous effort to give them a comfortable experience.

Racquets made by Forza are immensely powerful, fast and dynamic, and can help you increase your game speed and smashes.

#6 Carlton:

Carlton racquets have existed since 1946, and they’ve helped thousands of players have fun while playing badminton.

The company is known for its efficient way of helping players improve their skills. In 2009, they launched their Carlton Badminton System, which scientifically proved their racquets increase players’ badminton abilities.

Thus, you can’t ask for more. Carlton is a reputable brand, well-known for providing players with some of the best racquets in the whole world.

#7 Li Ning:

This brand is originally from China, but it has expanded worldwide and is now one of the leaders across the globe.

Since they’ve expanded so much, they’re very popular among young players who want to get a good and durable racquet.

Nowadays, Li Ning also makes other types of badminton accessories such as clothing items. Therefore, you can also suit up if you decide to go with this Chinese company.

#8 Ashaway:

This is a very famous brand in the United Kingdom. It’s known for making products with incredible quality and durability.

Besides, players who use their racquets often say they’re great to enhance your game endurance.

Likewise, many players are drawn to Ashaway racquets because they have beautiful designs with a matte finish.

So, when it comes to having a precious racquet to make you unstoppable on the game, Ashaway is a good option. They’re chosen by beginners and professionals alike because they have different options according to your needs.

#9 Talbot-Torro:

Talbot-Torro isn’t the most known brand, but it makes very good and durable racquets. In 19992, Talbot and Torro merged and now have three main product lines: from pro to casual players.

Therefore, regardless of your goal when it comes to badminton, you can choose a Talbot-Borro, and you’ll get a great racquet.

While pro racquets cost between 30 and 70 pounds, casual players can get one for 8 to 30 pounds.

#10 Babolat:

Babolat also has a great supply of badminton racquets. People know it for being a respectable brand that provides players with all kinds of badminton accessories.

Thus, if you want badminton equipment, you can get anything from racquets to bags or shoes.

Since Babolat makes so many things, it’s a great brand for beginners and professional players who need gear so they can improve their game.

Few minor things to consider before purchasing a racquets of below 2000

Many people reach out every day to find out what’s the perfect badminton racquet for them. They want to know which one they should buy to excel at playing the sport.

However, the answer is often the same.

Everyone’s experience, physical complexion and training is different. I can’t tell you the specific racquet you need to buy.

Despite choosing a racquet can be challenging at first, in this guide, I want to make matters easier. If you can follow all the tips, you’re probably make a more informed decision. Let’s get to it!

Know if you need it or not:

Many players want to buy a new badminton racquet without being aware that they don’t ned it.

This is counterproductive because you would spend efforts in searching for something you don’t need to buy to play better.

The previously mentioned idea is oftened heightened by racquet and sports companies, which want to make us believe we need those items.

The truth is that if you have a racquet that works for you, you probably don’t need another one to improve.

If you really want to get better at playing badminton, you could invest that money so you hire a good coach. They will probably help you grow in many ways a new racquet can’t.

However, if your racquet is broken, it’s fair to say it’s time to change it. You can also change the strings on it and it will be completely transformed, but if it’s cracked, you’ll probably need a new one.

Understand how it can help your game:

If you’re changing your racquet, your game should improve. Thus, an important aspect to consider when you’re buying a new one is to determine how it will help you get better at badminton.

To know whether the new racquet will help your game or not, you need to make a personal list of features you consider important when playing. For example, speed and resistance.

That way, when you’re trying out differnt racquets, you can determine if they help you build up the previously mentioned skills.

An essential aspect of choosing a badminton racquet is knowing the one you already own. If you want to get a better one, you need to understand which aspects of yours are good and which ones aren’t.

If you like your current racquet, that’s the best guide to buy a new one. Like I mentioned at the beginning, no one can tell you exactly what to buy – only you can know that.

Ask yourself which parts of your current racquet you enjoy and which ones you don’t. After that, try to find a replacement that includes the aspects you like and represents an improvement in everything you dislike.

Understand your ideal weight:

If you’re choosing a badminton racquet, you need to understand they have different weights and you should get one according to your level.

Overall, beginners usually go for lightweighted racquets because they are fast and easy to control.

Besides, the light weight on the racquet will also decrease the chance of injury if you don’t have that much weight to handle.

Evaluate different prices:

I know, I get it. It’s not easy to choose a badminton racquet if you’re on a low budget. Nonetheless, you can get one.

The first thing you need to know is that you need to choose the best racquet for your needs.

If you’re serious on maintaining badminton as a hobby, it might be a good idea to invest on a good, mid-priced racquet.

Although you don’t need to spend all your savings to enjoy badminton, if you want to play continuously and make sure you learn properly, you’ll need a racquet to do so.

However, if you’re not so sure that badminton is the right sport for you, or if you just want to give it a go and see how it goes, you might want to choose a cheaper racquet.

That way, if you decide it’s not for you, you can put it away or give it to another beginner player without feeling like you lost a ton of money.

Likewise, something else you should consider is how much time you’re going to play. If you plan on investing lots of hours on badminton, I advise you to get a good racquet, just for your safety.

If you don’t get a good racquet, you’ll risk breaking a string or the frame on collision. This might have serious consequences and I don’t want you to get hurt. Thus, make sure you consider all the factors before buying the one you want.

Remember the tension:

Many beginner badminton players don’t know racquets have different degrees of tension. Depending on your goals as a player, you’ll need to decide which one you’re going to get.

Frequently, beginners go for a 22-23 lbs tension when they first start. A standard way to measure it is to sink your hand on the strand – 1 mm is the usual depth of the strings that most players choose.

Another important point when considering tension is that it varies depending on where you live. Just like weather affects string instruments, it can affect the strings on your racquet.

Thus, if you don’t know a lot about tension on the racquet you want to buy, do some online research or ask a professional so they help you out. It will make everything easier.

Consider that experience is important:

First of all, like I’ve said before, if you don’t know anything about badminton or racquets, you might have a rough time choosing your first one.

On the contrary, if you’ve already played badminton before, you might have a strong sense of what you like and what you don’t like regarding racquets.

However, for experienced players, not everything is fun and games.

Some players have talked about their experience and how they’ve closed out to trying new racquets because they think they have “the one.”

Oftentimes, when they refuse to try new racquets, they find they’re missing out on the opportunity of playing differently – or even better.

The moral of the story is that although you need experience to understand how racquets work and what’s the best one for you, you also need to remember you have to be flexible enough and willing to change and try new things.

After all, badminton is a sport and you should enjoy when you’re playing. Don’t get obsessed about unimportant details.

Final thoughts:

Choosing a badminton racquet is a journey many players go through with difficulty. However, there are tips you can follow to make everything more manageable.

Although experience is important, you need to remember to have fun when you’re playing. You also have to learn to understand your preferences and what you’re looking for.

At the end of the day, the racquet will be an extension of your hand when you’re playing. Therefore, you should carry a comfortable item that helps you enhance your game.

Now, if you want to choose a badminton racquet, follow the tips I mentioned and you’ll have a good time. Remember you’re the only one who knows everything about what you want.

If you want to buy a new badminton racquet, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of options you can find.

Sadly, it’s very challenging to know where to start and which brand to trust. If you don’t know much about racquets, it might be tough to pick up the best one for your needs.

Besides, many racquets are quite expensive. Therefore, it’s important to have a list of all the brands at hand. That way, you can check it before buying so you make sure you get the best one.

The list I mentioned doesn’t include every single good racquet brand. The truth is, you need to choose your racquet depending on your needs and not solely rely on the brand.

Thus, if you want to buy a new badminton racquet, I advise you to revise the list considering the information but also what you want, your experience with racquets, and how much you can afford.

Finally, the last piece of advice I can give you is to remember the best racquet to help you become a better player. Try to choose one that helps you do that, and you’ll be fine.

I have mentioned a few numbers of racquets in my earlier article.

In this blog post, I have mentioned some of the racquets of an affordable rate for their excellent qualities. These are easily affordable for every player.

Though these racquets are lesser in cost than those of higher prices, yet they are never lesser when it comes to their qualities.

You can correctly show your techniques of playing this game with these best badminton rackets that cost under 2000.

If you are a professional or an advanced player, then you may not choose these racquets, but they are well enough for a mediocre player. I suggest that you should buy one of these rackets which will enable you to play the game more effectively and joyfully.

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