10 Best Badminton Racket Review


1. Recommended List Of Rackets

2. How To Choose A Badminton Racket

3. Conclusion

Badminton is considered to be a fun and trendy sport nowadays around the world. Well, it can be a lot of different things other than fun and an exciting racket sport.

Due to the emergence of some star players in recent times, there is a surging in popularity of this sport. Some people play badminton as a hobby, whereas some play on a competitive level.

Like we all know, one of the most significant aspects of this game is having a racket that suits your needs.

It is crucial to have the right racquet for you to intensify the skills in badminton. It can enhance your game technique, smashes, and other defensive shots for smooth play.

As there are many different levels of players in badminton, so accordingly, their choices of rackets cannot be the same. One may buy it to start improving their beginner skills, whereas others may be searching for the perfect one to play in a competition.

Whatever may be the case, there are lots of new rackets with new brands coming into the market that can meet any player’s requirements.

So, are you looking for the best badminton racket? If you are, then this article will assist you in choosing the racket of your preferences or need.

Let’s jump to the top 10 most reputed rackets that I have found online that stood the test of time:

#1 Voltric Z Force 2

Voltric Z Force 2, a revolutionary badminton racket of Yonex brand, made in Japan.

It is a Voltric series badminton racket that provides excellent power to the players. In badminton, a racquet with the right grip, string tension, and weight can provide extra flexibility and control. And this racket offers all of it.

The shaft of this racket is the thinnest of all Voltric series. Because of the more refined tri-voltage technology, you can expect to get more smashing power while playing.

Voltric Z Force 2 is available in both 3U (ave.88g) and 4U (ave.83g) weight options. The frame of the racket is made of high module graphite, Ex-HMG material with nanometric technology.

With 3U weight configuration you can put string tension up to 28lbs and with 4U weight option, you can bump-up to 30 lbs string tension.

According to Yonex, Voltric Z Force 2 provides 6.2 km/h more end shuttle speed as compared to prior Voltric series. With Z force2, you will get 10km/hr additional initial speed.

Though this racket is a bit heavy, yet it does not mean that it is going to be slow. Smashing with incredible power is what you will experience most of the time.


  • Due to its ultra-fast swings, the shots go fast, effortless, and smooth.
  • It is known for two things- speed and power. Not every racket combines these two qualities.
  • It has a great balance as compared to the other rackets in the list.
  • The weight provides momentum to the game and keeps you stay on your feet.


  • At high speed, control may be tricky.

#2 Arcsaber 11

A highly popular racquet, basically used by many professional and amateur players. It was launched in the year 2013.

This badminton racquet is specially designed for the players who want fast racquet reflexes.

The top of its frame has been fortified with a lightweight and flexible new titanium alloy, named sonic metal, which helps in providing an extreme repulsion power as well as a pleasing sound when the shuttlecock hits the racquet.

The shaft of the racket is made of a unique material called Ultra PEF ( Poly Ethylene Fibre), which gives maximum shock absorption capacity to a player for smoother return. Yet, it’s so light that it can float on water.

Arcsaber 11 is available in two weight options, one in 3U (ave.88g) and other in 2U (ave.93g). With 3U weight configurations, you can put string tension up to 19-24 lbs, and with 2U weight configurations, up to 20-25 lbs tension can be done.


  • It provides a good game of high-speed rallies and mid-court shots, which is the nub of badminton today. It helps a player to play the shots from the center of the racquet.
  • The frame of this racquet is so flexible that it provides greater control as compared to the other racquets of this genre.
  • Good for delivering high-degree of power.
  • The racket has been proved to be better than the Arcsaber 10. It is because the distance of the shots is much better with similar power applied to it.
  • It is not easily breakable.


  • It looks like Arcsaber 10, which makes it less feasible. It should have looked a bit different so that differentiation could be made.

#3 Yonex Astrox 88D

The “D” of the Astrox 88D stands for DOMINANT. Especially designed for the dominant backcourt player.

This model is the latest racket in the Yonex Astrox series. It was launched in 2018 with two different versions. One is the “D” being short for dominant, and the other is the S, which is short for skill.

Astrox 88D is more flex in the upper part of the frame that makes it different from 88S. More flex in the upper part of the frame helps in the transfer of the maximum energy from the players’ arm to the shuttlecock.

Its frame material is made of high module graphite, while its shaft material is developed with HM graphite and NAMD ( new dimension graphite) that helps to generate more flex for players.

The shaft is 10mm longer as compared to the other Yonex rackets that help in playing powerful smashes.

With 4U (ave.83g) weight configurations, you can put tension up to 20-28 lbs. Astrox 88D allows the string bed to transfer more energy to the shuttle, ensuring that only the upper half flexes.


  • The racket is very suitable for making powerful smashes.
  • One can hit backcourt to backcourt clear more easily and effortlessly with less swing speed of the racquet.
  • It is friendly to all levels of players from beginner to professional.


  • A little slow for fast front court doubles play, slower on counter-attacking drives or more wrist involving shots.

#4 Yonex Voltric 80

Yonex Voltric 80 is one of the best badminton racquets available in the market if you have the budget. 

HM Graphite and tungsten frame material with a sound filtration technology and tri-voltage technology make it a go-to racket for any player who wants a sustainable and quality racket for a long time. 

Not to forget, the shaft is a combination of Nanopreme and Graphite material.

All of this makes this racket only 82 gm weight, providing better power and control to a player, with a G4 grip involved.

Voltric 80 is developed for powerful smashes. The frame of the racquet is constructed with an improved structure that gives excellent bending of the frame.

To summarize, this racket provides an electrifying combination of fast handling and uncompromised power on every shot you play.


  • Yonex Voltric 80 has the thinnest shaft in the YONEX range of products making it an excellent choice for the players.
  • The frame is of the aerodynamic body that gives the players great control over the shots.
  • Sound filters fitted in the racquet.
  • The heavy-head of this racquet makes it provide more power to the shots you play.


  • It is one of the most expensive racquets in the Yonex brand.

#5 Yonex Duora 77

It a mid-range badminton racket perfect for intermediate to advance badminton players.

It is a little head heavy balance racquet with medium flexible shaft. HM Graphite is used to mold the shaft and frame of the Yonex Duora 77.

With an overall weight of 88 gms, it falls under 3U weight classification. With this weight, the recommended string tension I would say is 19-26 lbs. This racket comes with a G4 grip option. 

Technologies like, isometric head shape, built-in T joint, control support along with scientifically developed Yonex manufacturing process provides better performance of the racquet overall.

Steady racquet head with less vibration on impact provides excellent control to a player


  • One of the best features of Yonex Duora 77 is its speed. The speed of this racquet makes the server respond more quickly and effortlessly.
  • The durable materials used in the racket helps in extending the racquet’s lifespan.
  • Sound filtration reduce the sound of the shots and helps the players to focus on the game.
  • The racquet is always a perfect choice for defensive players.
  • Its weight and grip quality help to make quick reactions which, are qualities of an excellent defensive player.


  • Suitable for intermediate and professional players only.

#6 Apacs Feather Weight 55

It is one of the best rackets of Apacs manufacturer.

In this racket, you will get right away excellent control, slim shaft, and lightweight feel. Its weight is around 58G. Apacs feather wight 55 is especially for those players who prefer to play with a lightweight racket so that they can improve their offensive style of playing.

Aerodynamically designed Hexagon Throat (a flat shape with six straight sides) is used to make the racket swing speed better. The new shape provides better speed and stable head of the racquet.

The material of this racquet is standard Graphite. Also, the grip size is a bit small compared to the rackets made by Yonex.

However, this won’t cause any problem if you want to use it. You may use an over-grip to make it more comfortable for you.

This racket is head-heavy when it comes to its balance, which is why much of the weight can be found on the top portion of it that will help you to deliver much power in your smash shots.

The recommended string tension for this racquet is 28lbs.


  • Because of its lightweight, it may be more graceful, allowing a player to react quickly.
  • One of the significant features of this racquet is its durability.
  • It is best for the players who emphasize on smashes.


  • It can be too light for some players. Especially, beginners might find it challenging to play with this racquet because of the super responsive feel.

#7 Yonex Voltric 5

The Yonex Voltric 5 was launched in the year 2011 at all England badminton championship. Voltric series racquets have always been an excellent success for Yonex having several technologies.

Voltric 5 is considered as one of the best rackets because of its power and accuracy.

It utilizes the Tri-Voltage System, which helps in providing both power and control throughout the entire game.

This racquet has shown consistent powerful performance, whether on attack or defense. Balance wise it is a head-heavy racquet with a medium flex shaft.

The maximum recommended tension on this racquet is 24lbs.


  • Since Yonex Voltric 5 is a head-heavy racquet. It provides more power and helps in delivering hard smashes.
  • The grip of this racquet is modifiable.
  • It helps in increasing your control and speed in the game.
  • Its thinner frame provides an aerodynamic advantage to the player.


  • The most significant disadvantage of Voltric 5 has is that it’s not intended for experts.

#8 Yonex Nano Speed 9900

It is considered as one of the best badminton rackets due to its fastness and lethality.

If you are looking for a super-fast racquet, then Nano Speed 9900 will be the perfect choice for you. We all know that drive shots are one of the best reactions or replies to smashes in badminton.

Nano Speed 9900 is one of the best model for defensive - style players as this racket has shown excellent performance in drives and smashes.

It is a head-light racquet with the latest technology. The weight of this racket is 85-90 gms with G3, G4, and G5 grip sizes. With these characteristics, the racket becomes a more stable, repulsive, and attacking.


  • Excellent speed is the most significant asset that Nano Speed 9900 offers.
  • The lightweight of this racquet allows quick and swift reaction that helps in making a smooth swing.
  • The racquet can perform with such power as you desire.
  • Its maneuverability is one of the most significant features.


  • From the stiffness to the overall design, this racquet is made for the advanced or professional players. 

#9 Yonex Nanoray 900

Yonex Nanoray 900 is one of the best quality badminton racquets in the market. It is a racquet with a heavy head and flexible shaft.

Its more massive head enables more power to make stronger smashes as well as in the backcourt game.

Ability to generate high speed and smooth swing make it the right choice for advanced defensive players. Nanoray 900 was launched in the year 2015 by Yonex with two weight configurations (3U and 2U).


  • It is a head-heavy racket. Its massive head helps in providing more power for stronger smashes.
  • Since the racquet is lightweight, it moves easily and very fast.
  • Its high speed and smooth swing make it perfect for defensive players.
  • Great for doubles.


  • Not recommended for singles.

#10 Yonex Voltric 10 DG

Voltric 10 DG is believed to be the most durable badminton racquet in history.

Dg stands for the durable grade. Voltric 10 DG used the high modulus graphite in the material of the frame. This high-grade material helps in improving the overall strength of the racquet and provides the capacity to sustain higher string tension.

This racquet belongs to the head-heavy series that is designed to deliver fast and powerful smashes without compromising natural swinging and control.

The weight of the racquet is around 88 g with G4 grip configuration.

Because of the stiff shaft of this racquet, the unprofessional players who have not mastered the skill of the game might find it hard to use it, and this makes the racquet better recommended for the advanced or professional players.
Do you know what is the most stand out thing about this racket?

You can put string tension up to 35lbs (not at all recommended for beginner to intermediate players), but it speaks about the durability of the racket. I would personally suggest you put string tension between 25-28 lbs.


  • This racquet has a substantial feel, and it remains stable throughout the game.
  • This racquet is perfect for playing powerful smashes and other attacking shots. Moreover, its heavy-head provides more power whenever the shuttle lands on the net.
  • Although this racquet is quite head-heavy, yet you will find it comfortable in making a softer swing.
  • It has advanced technologies in its construction, such as tri-voltage system, tri-bumper, built-in T-joint, and a control support cap.


  • Because of the stiffness of the shaft, unprofessional players or beginners will find it difficult to use. 

How To Choose A Badminton Racquet?


No matter what sport you are interested in, if you do not have the equipment in your hand, you can never be able to improve our skills in the game.

When it comes to playing badminton, other than the types of equipment like t-shirts, shoes, and socks, wrist bands, etc., the most significant thing is the racquet that you use, and it has to be a perfect one.

Having the ideal badminton racquet in your hand will help you to play better shot with more accuracy and improve your skills.

Some of the vital point to consider while choosing the right badminton racquet:


The first and foremost thing that you should be aware of when you go to purchase a new racquet for yourself is to understand the proficiency level you have.

There are classified models of badminton racquets available in the market that you should refer to, whether you are a professional player, an intermediate, or a beginner.

Hence, you should make sure to choose the racquet for yourself to have the maximal benefits in the game.


The weight of the racquet plays an important role. So, you need to choose the perfect one that has a proper mass that is not too light, not too heavy for you to move freely.

Badminton racquets usually come in several weight categories. Some come in 3U (85-89g) while some in 4U (80-84g).

A lighter weight racquet is always our recommendation for beginner players so that they find it easier to move the racquet and then progress to a heavier one to get more power.

The disadvantage of a heavy racquet is that it is much harder to control. So, unless you are skilled, this might be a problem for you.

Professional singles players generally use 3U weighted racquets, whereas doubles players tend to use 4U racquets.


Another crucial thing that you need to consider while purchasing a racquet is the material that is used in making the shaft of a racquet.

Steel, Graphite, and aluminum are the most important materials used in building a racquet’s shaft.

All of these materials might have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you need to be aware when you go to choose the perfect racquet for yourself.


Apart from the weight and the material, a racquet is categorized by its balancing point.

There are three categories of balance:

a) Head heavy balance:

The head-heavy racquets help in providing more power in the shots and are perfect for the players who mostly play from the backcourt. These racquets are especially suitable for playing long rallies.

b) Head-light racquet:

The head-light racquets, on the other hand, have less weight towards the head area. Hence, it is very easier to control and make a softer swing with the head-light rackets.

These rackets are popular among the doubles players who need to react or respond quickly to every shot they play in the game. It also offers a lot more speed at the net and helps you to kill a game in the frontcourt.

c) Even balance:

As the name suggests, an even balance racket helps in providing a middle ground between a head-heavy racquet and a head-light racquet.

An even balance racquet is suitable for you if you don’t know what kind of playing style you are going to play.

Once you have established your style of playing, then you can transit to a head-heavy or a head-light racquet to improve your overall game.


The essential factors that affect the grip of the racquet, namely its type and size.

a) TYPES: The two types of badminton grips – towel and synthetic.

Since towel grips are soft, they are pretty good for soaking sweat. They require to be changed very frequently, whereas synthetic grips are less untidy and pretty smooth. However, at times, these make them less comfortable due to its weak sweat absorption capacity.

b) SIZE OF GRIPS: Badminton racquet grips come in various sizes. 

Those who want a tighter feel for generating more power in the shots they play always prefer bigger grips. On the other hand, those who like to play deceptive games always go for smaller grips.


It is also essential to consider string tension in a racquet as it can also affect the way a racquet feels.

You can test the tension of racquet by pressing the palm of your hand against the strings so that you can get to see how far it sinks.

A racquet with a higher tension of string always provides better control, whereas the lower tension helps to generate more power and will be durable.

For beginners, 22-23 lbs is a proper tension to start with, whereas for advanced players, the recommended tension is 24-28 lbs. A thin string gives more control but will not be as durable as a thicker string.


Shaft flexibility is another important factor you should consider while buying a badminton racquet. Beginners generally go for a racquet with a flexible shaft, while the professional players prefer to have one with a stiff shaft as they have better technique and skills.

Stiff shaft is useful for the players with refined technique and powerful swing.

The Medium shaft is suitable for players with a developing technique.

Flexible shafts help in providing more power and better speed for beginners.


Most of the racquets nowadays are found in isometric head shape, i.e., with a wider top half of head than conventional oval-shaped racquets. The isometric head shape of a racquet gives an enlarged sweet spot to the players, whereas the conventional oval-shaped racquets have more real feel and control of the shuttle.