An In Depth Review Of Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racquet


  • Larger head area lowers the probability of mis-hitting
  • Comparatively longer racket
  • Hitting powerful smashes is a piece of cake if you can utilize the stiffer shaft
  • Great for both singles and doubles
  • Durable body


  • The look is almost the same as Arcsaber 10
  • Not suitable for a novice player

Yonex had surprised their fans with the announcement of a new racket in the Arcsaber range called Arcsaber 11. It gained popularity like wildfire and players around the world from the international level to amateurs started using this racket. So, the main question arises, what are those special things that attracted such a massive number of players? This article will provide a detailed explanation of Arcsaber 11 to clarify this question.

First of all, it is a standard 3U (84-89 gms) racket and comes with a G4 grip size. According to my opinion, the balance of 305mm is a little tall for an even balanced racket.   When it comes to the look and design, you’ll not find much difference from the predecessor Arcsaber 10. However, after narrowing down all the points, I do find a couple of new things in Arcsaber 11.

These are: i) Implementation of “Sonic Metal” in the head. ii) Improvement in the shaft. Making it much thinner and stiffer. iii) Feel some additional weight towards the head area.

Now, let’s share my experience with this racket inside the court.


Right away, I started off with clears as it gives me a better perspective of the racket swing, the working of the head on those swings, shaft flexibility, and power potential. While swinging, I felt the racket is quite even-balance, but without a doubt, it got some touch weight towards the head. This extra head-weight will not cause you any problem if you are more likely to play with an even balanced racquet. It just gives a feel of the head without being too much that can hamper someone’s game.

The result of my clear shots was quite impressive. It sails to the back of the court without even putting much effort. In my view, the applicability of minimal torsion while playing the shots has to do with these kinds of results. It means that even if you connect with the racket little off-center, the shuttle still flew through. The overall performance was so delightful because of the power I was generating in my clears.

After trying all kinds of shots, I can say that it is a well-rounded racket with a slightly more advantage for power hitters. It got a comparatively longer and stiffer shaft, which helps significantly in longer reach and hitting powerful smashes. I would say the racket packs a lot of punch and accuracy compared to Arcsaber 10.

Mid Court Performance

The real boost of performance is realized in the mid-court area. This is where the Arcsaber 11 outshines most rackets out in the market. I guess the relatively lighter frame with a combination of the even-balance body makes this possible. When the game speeds up, and you need faster hands for flat rallies, this racket got your back. It was also too easy to vary pace and direction with Arc Saber 11.


When it comes to defending, the lightweight and aerodynamic frame again come handy that helps the racket to react fast enough to tackle deep smashes. So, it can definitely be a go-to racket for doubles.


Also, many players in my club gave me positive feedback of Arcsaber 11 durability. They recall about so many incidents of brushing it in floors and walls. It seems that this racquet got a resistant body.

Found Some Negatives

With many positives, there are a couple of weaknesses that you have to deal with this racket. When it comes to playing net shots, you’ll feel little less control due to the additional weight in the head area. My drop shots were also quite off and not as precise as it used to with my other rackets. It may vary from player to player, but I have to give you my honest takeaways to help you get a clear picture.


I would highly recommend Arcsaber 11 for those who are looking for a well-rounded racket with the ability to make powerful smashes. I had a good reach advantage, great mid-court exchanges, crisp clears, and satisfactional defending with this racket. It is seen in various international competitions used by many famous and legendary badminton players. It is suitable for players of both singles and doubles. If you are a beginner, the inability to utilize the full potential of the stiffer shaft may result in weaker smashes. So, Arc Saber 11 is more suitable for advanced to semi-advanced players that are familiar with a sturdy and firm racket. In the end, I would say it is a great racquet from Yonex brand catering excellent power and control.

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