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​​Welcome to PBB​! Our vision is to create a website that​ can help any shuttlers ​regardless of his level of expertise. You will get all the necessary resources here to be a successful ​player in this game. 

​​We are confident that ​our knowledge can guide ​most ​of you who are struggling to find a trusted resource for this sport online. 

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​#1 Work On Your Footwork

​Having a great footwork is the first thing that you needs to work on.

​#​2 Conditioning Training

​As a you will get more better in this game conditioning exercises will play a major role if you are going to be a successful shuttler.

​#​3 Calm During Rallies

​You must have​ a cool and calm composure during stressful rallies. Most players don't realise the importance of ​this factor.  

​#4 Practice Different Shots

​Each day practice different shots. Don't try to be perfect, remember, consistency beat perfection.

​If we dare to win, we should also dare to lose

​- Lee Chong Wei

​Get ​badminton advice to help you propel

​Here you will get all the cutting edge reliable ​information to become an effective player. ​We will guide you in this journey and will help you overcome any obstacle that many beginner to intermediate players face. 

​Need a strategic guide?

​Strategic preparation is as important as any other badminton training. For that, you need to solidify the ability to read your opponent's game and PBB can help you achieve that.


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