Best Badminton Shoes For Men

Most players in badminton focus on getting the best racket in the market. They go by the hype and completely ignore the importance of a good badminton shoe. No doubt getting a racket is going to help, but without a good pair of shoes, the racket is useless in court. To play Badminton at the highest level, you need to establish great coordination with both hands and feet. The truth is you can’t even utilize the full potential of a racket if you don’t possess a reliable pair of badminton shoes.

Your selection of shots is highly dependent on how quick and agile you are moving inside the court. Also, having a good pair of shoes is goes beyond performance. It is required because of safety too. In any sports, without having a comfortable footwear, you are exposing yourself to future injuries that can severely affect your progression in the game.    Knowing the importance of having a good pair of shoes, I have prepared a list that qualified to be the best for men.

#1 ​Asics Men’s Gel Rocket 9

It is one of the most popular badminton shoes by ASICS and has received great feedback from the market. The company takes special attention to its design so that it looks great on your feet. Right now, you get 6 colors to choose from. The shoe is very lightweight with great structural support. It helps you to move around the court without losing any balance. The shoe provides optimal ankle support, which reduces the chance of getting injured drastically. So, If you are looking to get a premium-looking men’s badminton shoe without burning your pocket, then I will highly suggest you get Gel Rocket 9.


  • Optimal ankle support
  • Very lightweight
  • Budget friendly
  • Provides great traction
  • Excellent for a long game because of less foot fatigue


  • Not a famous brand like Yonex
  • Shock absorption capability needs to be improved

#2 ​Head Men’s Sprint Pro 2.5

Although HEAD company primarily manufacture tennis shoe, it doesn’t mean these shoes can’t be used in Badminton. Instead, I have found they are sometimes more comfortable than standard Yonex shoes. You’ll love the mesh upper, which makes the shoe comfortable and super flexible, making it a perfect fit for high-speed badminton rallies.

While testing the shoe, it was real-easy to move faster because of low-to-the-ground midsole designing. Also, there is an in-built cooling mechanism into the sole area which will support you by cooling down your feet in intense long rallies. In terms of supporting your ankle, the shoe has Lateral Control Technology through which it can adjust automatically according to the flexion of the ankle.  Want a shoe that makes you more explosive inside the court? Try Sprint Pro 2.5 to help you achieve it.


  • Incredible cushioning makes it comfortable
  • The inbuilt cooling system helps the air to circulate properly
  • Excellent stability
  • Gives proper grip inside the court
  • Automatic ankle adjustment technology


  • An expensive shoe for beginners

#3 Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Club

This shoe has a fantastic rubber sole that not only absorbs all the shocks with ease but also provides excellent gripping too. Lightweight combined with an air mesh upper makes the experience more delightful due to the maximum breathability of the shoe. It is a perfect indoor shoe manufactured in attractive bright colors that looks amazing in the court. These shoes will no doubt can boost up your speed and performance.Need a shoe that can take you through a long and rigorous full game without any hiccups? Think no more, Performance Men’s Barricade is the answer.


  • Amazing grip
  • Budget-friendly
  • Option to remove the insole
  • Use of high-quality material
  • Great look and design


  • Lacing experience is not smooth

#4 Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z

A specially designed outsole in these sneakers provides maximum stability, shock absorption, and cushioning. Mizuno has taken great care to mitigate any injuries by putting a proprietory technology called “Parallel Wave,” where the shocks are absorbed equally by the sole. It not only helps in the balance but also provides excellent comfy fitting. I have also liked the air circulation system, which keeps your feet cool and odorless. It may not be the most popular brand in the badminton world, but people are loving this shoe. If you are thinking of trying something new and stylish, grab a pair of Wave Lightning Z.


  • Unique rubber outsole for maximum stability
  • Modern looking.
  • Use of “Parallel Wave” technology
  • Suitable for all level of players
  • Excellent arch support and gripping


  • The front part of the shoe can be uncomfortable sometimes

#5 Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 2

There is no need to emphasize how premium the cushioning quality of Yonex shoes is. Like any other shoe from this company, it will surely make you feel like you have springs in your feet. It is an extremely comfortable shoe that can absorb shocks with ease.

The Double Russell Mesh takes great care when it comes to air circulation in your shoe. These are unique mesh fabrics and 8 times more effective in terms of exchanging air than regular mesh, keeping your feet dry and cool. As the Aerus 2  built with Hyper msLite technology, it makes the shoe extremely light, durable, and comfortable as well.

I will highly recommend Yonex Aerus 2 if you are not in a tight budget.


  • Built-in double russell mesh helps in air circulation
  • Extremely light
  • Build specially for playing Badminton
  • Amazing structure and grip
  • Power cushion mitigate shocks and lateral movement


  • Expensive
  • Not many colors available

How To Choose The Perfect Male Footwear For Playing Badminton?


Badminton shoes are designed to be cushioned, lightweight, and have proper traction. You need a proper pair of shoes mainly for two reasons: it maximizes your on-court performance while lowers the risk of facing severe injuries. But, how do you know which shoes to select and ignore?It can be confusing sometimes to select from such a wide range of options and the main things that are needed to be considered before buying the right pair of badminton shoes. Without wasting any time, let’s see the main elements that you need to look before making any purchase decision.

1. Sole

The first and foremost thing you need to look at is the sole type used in the shoe. It is the most essential part that provides a badminton player the necessary traction and grip inside the court. Almost all clubs have either PU or wood courts nowadays. Due to this reason, a shoe with gum rubber sole fits best for playing Badminton and ensures good gripping on the surface. Another thing you should consider while analyzing is how thick the sole is. Ideally, you should pick a shoe with a thinner sole because it helps in intercepting a shot as quickly as possible. A thicker sole is more suitable for outdoor activities where it needs to adapt to different terrain and floor types.

2. Ventilation

This feature simply speaks about the shoe capability of circulating air while you are playing. The shoes that are made of double Russel Mesh is considered to be the best one for Badminton. The fabrics are highly breathable and 8 times more efficient in circulating the air than regular shoes. It helps a player in preventing sweat to build up and allows him to have a comfortable feel throughout the game. Additionally, you are also protected from developing blisters on your feet.

3. Cushioning

A Shoe with good cushioning helps in absorbing impacts during intense rallies and mitigate the chances of getting injured. So, you always need to ensure that your shoe provides solid cushioning out of the box to absorb all those shocks in high-paced rallies.

4. Ankle Support

Badminton shoes are designed to keep your ankle weightless compared to any standard running shoes. In this sport, you are going to move constantly inside the court in an unpredictable manner following your opponent shots. During this whole time, the ankle is constantly taking pressure from the lunges, jumps, and any sudden dives. So, you have to pick a shoe that helps you to flex and move the ankle freely on its own.

Final Thoughts

So, the list I am giving you is the best I have found after verifying and going through all the points that I have covered above. I will highly recommend you to do research before picking your shoes. But, if you don’t want to waste time doing all the hard work, then just simply select one of my recommended shoes listed in this article. These shoes pass all the test that makes them a perfect fit for playing Badminton.These shoes provide a whole package that includes excellent gripping, adequate weight, proper cushioning, and outstanding design. Please remember, if you want to be good at Badminton you must have an appropriate pair of shoes that fit with the dynamics of this sport.

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