Best Badminton Shoe Reviews

Just imagine, you need a quick leap to defend a smash of your opponent.

Do you know what badminton accessories come into play the most?

The answer is your badminton shoes!

As a badminton player, you not only have to be skilled and precise, but also it demands your quickness and speed as well.

Your footwork will determine how well you will be able to cover the court. Without it, you cannot defend or smash a shuttle back to your opponent with efficiency.

For these reasons, you must possess the best badminton shoes to perform at the optimum level.

I have listed some of the best shoes to help you decide on your next purchase.

But, before you read further, please look at some of the technical terms and its definition to better understand the article.

What is Power Cushion Plus?

It is a revolutionary cushioning improvement where a unique elastic resin is added to Power Cushion. It increases 28% shock absorption and 62% repulsion capacity than a regular cushion.

What is Toe Assist Shape?

By having toe assistance shape in a shoe, the pressure in the big toe decreases drastically. It also provides enhanced support at the heel and mid-foot area for better stability. With this feature, without a doubt, you will see a dramatic improvement in footwork.

What is Synchro Fit Insole?

As the name goes, it is an insole that you will find in a high tier priced Yonex shoes. It helps in securing contact between the shoe and foot for a perfect fit.

#1 Power Cushion 65 Z

This shoe is top of the line and most recent shoe model of the Yonex brand. It comes with a power cushion plus feature, and the upper material is composed of P.U leather, Nylon mesh, and microfibrils substances.

The striking things that attracted the most about this shoe model are toe assist shape and the latest power cushion plus technology. It will positively affect the shock absorption capabilities and overall performance.

The base color of this shoe model is black with matched yellow and orange color on top, which gives a premium and attractive look at the same time.

For better, brisk, and offensive footwork, a Lateral Shell is placed on the outer section of the forefoot. It will reduce the loss of power in your foot movements, and gives you the ability for quicker response.

In addition to all the features, the shoe comes with a Synchro-Fit Insole.

Overall, this shoe is a perfect combination of great comfort, design, and performance. One cannot go wrong by picking it is as there primary badminton shoe.

#2 Power Cushion Comfort Z

This badminton shoe comes with power cushion plus technology in the entire sole.

Manufacturers like Yonex knows the importance of footwork in badminton, and they have proved it by giving features like Synchro Fit Insole and Toe Assist Shape.

Now, let’s see some unique things for which users will love this shoe.

Buyers will get an improved mid-sole version than the original one provided in the earlier versions of Power Cushion Series Shoes. Yonex named it as “Hyper msLite.”

If you want a shoe with beautiful asymmetric design with high performance and super lightweight feel, then feel free to purchase it. This shoe is worth every penny and will help you to take your game to the next level.

#3 Aerus 3

This particular shoe model is the lightest shoe ever manufactured by Yonex.

Weighing only 270 Gms, by wearing it, your agility and speed will improve immensely.

So, how Yonex succeed in producing this super-light shoe to the market?

It is through innovation in its manufacturing process. This particular shoe is manufactured by a unique method called lamination or heat transfer technique.

Through this process of manufacturing, the Russell mesh that is found in the shoe is laminated with a thin PU sheet.

It does few great things – lowers the amount of stitching, makes the shoe super lightweight, and extremely flexible.

Of course, you will get all the premium things that come with higher-end Yonex shoes. If I name a few, incredible Power Cushion Plus and Toe Assist Shape features are included.

But, one thing I liked the most about this shoe is the 3D stability channel placed below the middle section of the foot.

With this lightweight graphite sheet, the stability and lightweight nature of the shoe are taken to the highest level. Yonex named it as 3D Power Carbon technology.

So, to sum it up, if you want a premium looking, the lightest, and a higher performance Yonex shoe, then I highly recommend you get this model.

#4 Power Cushion 88 Dial

This shoe model is one of the latest innovative work of Yonex in the market at present. This time, the manufacturer focused on the area of firm-fitting to a player’s foot.

It has a unique BOA fitting mechanism allowing the player to adjust the shoe by millimeters. To do it, you have a dial, and by turning it, the attached wires get pulled for proper fitting, precisely according to your need.

The designing of the shoe is such that your ankle and the whole foot will be prevented from any severe injuries.

Usage of resilient materials with added Power Cushion Plus technology, Toe Assist Shape, and the application of Upper Flexion for asymmetric design makes this shoe a viable option for any serious badminton player.

What I loved about this shoe is the unique Hexa Grip patterned sole. According to Yonex, you will get 3% more gripping ability and 20% more lighter feel than a regular sole.

If you want your footwork to be swift with a combined effect of stability and power, this shoe can help you tremendously.

#5 Power Cushion Infinity

Although this shoe looks similar to Yonex Power Cushion 88 dial, it is not. This model has some unique features to offer for users.

Let’s take a look at what are some things that you will get with Yonex Power Cushion Infinity.

The first thing that you will notice that it comes with two dials for precise fitting, Yonex called it Double Dial BOA Fit System. It doubles the comfort and protection of your ankle and toes.

Additionally, you will get the 3D power graphite sheet, which is another unique thing about this shoe.

Other than that, there’s nothing much difference in terms of features compared to the Yonex 88 dial model.

In the end, I would say that you will get a great combination of excellent fitting quality, durability, stability, and comfort with this shoe model.

By buying it, there is no doubt that you will be benefited with crisp, dynamic, and powerful footwork.

Although it is a great shoe for badminton, the only drawback is the price. It can be too costly for some who are in a budget. So, I have put this model down my recommended list.

Some ASICS Brand Shoes That I Have Found Perfect For Playing

#6 GEL Rocket 8

It is a shoe manufactured by the ASICS brand with an innovative Gel technology that provides an incredible cushioning and shock absorption facility. This particular Gel is placed at some important areas of the shoe to prevent sudden load on impact.

Another thing that stands out with this shoe is the Integrated Guidance System. Through this system, all the little essential components of the shoe are interlinked to provide maximum stability.

The Non-Marking outer sole of the shoe is made of Gum Rubber for maximum flexing, traction force, and gripping. Also, with the help of TRUSSTIC TECHNOLOGY used by the manufacturer, you will get a very lightweight shoe out of the box.

To summarize it, you are getting a fantastic shoe with all the essential features to play your game effectively. If you want a trusted shoe other than the Yonex brand, you can surely consider this model for smoother and powerful footwork inside the court

#7 GEL Rocket 9

Here in the list is another ASICS shoe that I think will be perfect for playing badminton game.

Same as ASICS GEL Rocket 8, this model also uses a GEL technology in critical areas of the shoe to absorb the shock to provide ultimate comfort and performance.

If you are looking for a very springy badminton shoe, it might be a perfect shoe to have. The EVA equipped midsole with additional cushioning is the reason behind it.

With additional rebound properties, you are getting an extra boost in your racing ability inside the court.

To give a player more stability, the company uses TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology. It enables you to move in different directions rapidly by controlling the torsion of the shoe. Also, with this help of technology, the player has a lot lesser chance of twisting their ankle in high-intensity rallies.

For additional support and durability, the shoe comes with side support and full Strobel construction.

By looking at all the features, I can confidently say that ASICS put the best effort to build a shoe that can provide excellent comfort overtime with ultimate performance.

#8 Upcourt 3

If you need a shoe at reasonable pricing with quality features attached, look no more, this shoe will perfectly fit your need.

It may not come with every little feature like the other shoe models in this list, but, considering the price, you are getting a great overall package.

It has an amazing price tag and manufactured by a reputed brand thoughtfully designed for badminton players like us.

Now coming to the specifics, the shoe is made of synthetic leather with uppers made from mesh for better air circulation and comfort. In addition, mesh lining combined with excellent cushioning is a bonus for users.

Fitting is another area where the shoe gets a rating of A+.

For a firm fit, the company has done a great job by providing conventional lace-up closure. To make it even better, the shoe’s tongue and the collar comes with padding. I am sure it will help to give a more comfortable internal fit.

To absorb shocks more efficiently, GEL is placed in the rearfoot area for a smoother transition during impact.

Lastly, the shoe comes with a non-marking outsole made from gum rubber, which gives excellent gripping.

I will highly recommend this shoe for those who are in a tight budget. You are getting a fantastic product that has more than enough features to satisfy all your needs.

A Guide To Select The Right Footwear In Badminton 


Any badminton player you see today are focused mainly on buying the fanciest and advanced badminton racket. They don’t realize the importance of having a good pair of badminton shoes.

But, you should know that half the battle in badminton is your strokes and the other half is your footwork. So, choosing a badminton shoe according to your needs is as crucial as selecting the right racket.

Without harping anymore, let’s see the essential things that you need to check before purchasing a badminton shoe.

1. Weight

Good designing, type of sole, and other elements come into play, but the first thing you need to check is your shoe weight. It will determine how you are going to perform inside the court.

A heavy shoe will only limit your speed, and it may even take your attention away from the game as well. It will hamper your overall defending skill because of the slow response time to opponent smashes.

2. Ankle Support

You may not know this, but for any foot movement, your ankle plays a significant role. It means that free movement of your ankle is an essential factor.

That is why you will see that most badminton shoes have minimal ankle support for those quick moves, like forward and backward, explosive jumps, and sideways movement for better user experience.

So, before purchasing, you have to make sure that the shoe does not provide too much ankle support.

If it does, your ankle will not flex properly, and it may deteriorate your overall strength during the game.

There is a possibility that it can cause ankle injuries if you continue to play with these types of shoes for a long time.

Before you buy, check the shoe if it allows flexible movement of the ankle or not.

3. Ventilation

When playing badminton, in a matter of minutes, your whole body will sweat from top to bottom. If you are playing this game for a while, you know that it demands fast movements during the rallies, which makes the feet and shoes both sweaty in no time.

Many players, due to this continuous moist condition in their feet, may develop an infectious disease like Athlete’s Foot.

That is why you have to make sure that your shoes have decent ventilation. It will help your feet to maintain a moderate temperature and dryness to mitigate any uncomfortable circumstances, keeping you focused in the game.

4. Sole Thickness

The above three points that we have discussed so far are the main things to look for in badminton shoes. Now, this particular point will be about the design, which I believe plays a significant role in enhancing your performance.

As a badminton player myself, I can tell that, for the right balance and ability to make quick responses, you need to maintain a lower center of gravity.

So, how can you achieve it?

The answer is simple, by having a pair of shoes that have a thinner sole.

Good badminton shoes usually have thinner soles compared to running or outdoor shoes. With shoes that have correct thinness, your overall efficiency in your moves, jumps, and those sudden sprints will be improved many folds.

5. Type of soles

There two primary sole types that you will find in badminton shoes.

  • Regular rubber sole
  • Gum rubber sole

Now you may be asking yourself, which one is for me?

The answer is, it all depends where you play regularly.

If your club has wooden courts, then you should stick with soles that are made from gum rubber. It will provide you solid gripping and traction that is required for smoother gameplay.

On the other hand, regular rubber soles come into play for courts that are made from cement.

6. Cushioning

A good shoe cushioning is essential in badminton. Without having a quality cushioning, the shock absorption ability of the shoe is compromised, which may hamper your overall performance inside the court.

A right badminton shoe is a combination of providing comfort and the ability to absorb shocks generated by those high-intensity moves.

Better cushioning means you are safe from any knee injuries that may happen during intense jumps or lunges.

The moral of the story is to make sure you check for a shoe that provides excellent cushioning or suspension.

7. Shape

To make it short and simple, you should buy shoes that are Ergoshape in nature. It helps in providing top-class stability and flexibility in your feet and toes for smooth movements.

Besides comfort, with Ergoshape designed shoes, you will be backed by extra stability features for those intense back and front movements.

8. Added Moisture Control

It is a feature that you are most likely to get in a higher-priced shoe model. These types of badminton shoes are made from a material called “Double Russel Mesh,” giving you 8x more moisture capabilities than a regular badminton shoe.

It provides a better circulation of air in your feet, which provides a very dry and comfortable feel while playing.

Let’s quickly look at some benefits of a quality badminton shoe.

So, we have discussed some characteristics of the right badminton shoe that has to offer. Now, let’s see the benefits of having it:

  • It will protect you from future knee and ankle injuries by elegantly absorbing the shocks generated by those explosive movements.
  • It will prevent you from developing blisters in the feet by providing better circulation of air.
  • Besides all, it will give you a significant performance boost.

This article is mainly to help you select the right badminton shoe that can enhance your overall performance, agility, and swiftness of movement during long rallies.

So, are you ready to purchase your pair of badminton shoes?


I am ending it here for now. If you don’t want to scratch your head by doing your own research, then go through my list of shoes. I have done an in-depth analysis by checking all the essential features, customer reviews, and the overall quality.

I wish you all the best for your badminton journey, and if you have any further queries or want to share an experience with me, then please feel free to comment below.

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