Comprehensive Review Of  Z Force ii Badminton Racket

It was one of the most awaited rackets of all time due to its previous version success.

Compared to the earlier version, the new one has a unique extra slim shaft design to provide durability and fast movements through the air.

Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 is still used by many players around the world. While having great responses from the badminton community, Yonex has released many refreshes in the paint job and adding some exclusive limited editions.

While I am writing this review, I have in my hand the lighter version 4U(83g) G5 strung with Yonex BG 80 strings at a tension of 28LBS. Using the racket has been a phenomenal experience for me. It was tested in different aspects and different situations.

Being an average skilled player, this is just the opinion of myself regarding this absolutely fantastic racket. While players are different, and the understanding of various aspects is not always the same, everyone should try it by themselves.

At the time of this review, the racket is currently priced in between $190 – $240. The price will be higher if it is purchased with pre-strung option.

Specification and Weight

The balance point is 305mm plus/minus 3mm from the bottom, which constitutes that it is a head-heavy racket.

The shaft is extra stiff and 6.6mm in diameter.

There are four different specifications to the weight and grip size measurements. The weight of the racket varies from 83g to 88g.

Now, Let’s see the performance of the racquet inside the court…

Smashes – 5 out of 5

The Yonex Z Force II is the racket that was built for players looking to smash as much as possible. If you are looking for a new racket and want it to be on top of the “Best smashing racket” list, then Z Force II is one of the best solutions to your problem.

While gaining lots of potential power, you also have to count on the fact that it is tough to flex the shaft, and if you are unable to do this, the racket will not be used to the full potential. But it is still relatively easy to achieve it with a few technical training sessions.

To use it to the maximum potential, you have to sacrifice those quick movement smashes. If you want this racket to perform at the peak level, then stick to the power smashes that involve the forearm power.

When used with correct technique and strength – there will not be a single person that can take your smash!

Net Area– 4 out of 5

While the Z Force ii racket is an absolute killer in the overhead area, it lacks a bit of touch in the net area. Keeping the racket at correct positions in doubles is exhausting for the body, and quick movements require more precise timing on the shot.

As being said earlier, the racket does not give you any time to make mistakes due to its extra stiff nature. But the slim shaft and small head of the racquet compensate a bit for the head heavy balance.

Defensive Shots – 4 out of 5

Without a powerful forearm, the racket will move slow when responding to smashes hitting some clears. Overall, maneuverability with the racket is not the best compared to some lighter headed rackets.

Most of the errors made in defensive shots are related to incorrect timing. When we look at the Z Force II, it is not one of those rackets that you can just pick up and use to its maximum potential. Prepare yourself for some practice to get used to it!

Drop Shots – 5 out of 5

As mentioned before, the racket is terrific in the overhead department. The small head and slim stiff shaft move through the air without any problems.

Feeling the shuttle with Z Force II is impressive and can not be compared to any flexible rackets.

All being said, you have to keep in mind that the balance is towards the head of the racket, and you may not be able to manage to move it that fast. Depending on the player type, it may not be problematic, and it all ends with the timing.

Pros and Cons

  • Thinnest shaft helps you to swing through the air without anything stopping it.
  • Elegant design – for a long time, companies have tried to play with colors, but now Yonex has nailed it with the simple black and blue design.
  • Extra stiff feeling – gives you amazing feeling with the controlled flexes on the shaft and head of the racquet.
  • Helps you play those powerful smashes.
  • It takes time to get used to the dynamics of the racket.
  • Being a high-end racket, it costs a lot for average players.

Why should you invest money in ZForce 2?

Do you feel you are wasting time on different websites and blogs looking for the best racket?

No need to waste time anymore, because Yonex has solved the problem for you with Z-Force II. In my opinion, it is one of the most excellent rackets ever made – the fact that Lee Chong Wei once used the racket confirms that you are too going to have a fantastic time using it.

When we compare this racket to the previous version of it, then it has had some small changes, but thankfully they managed to make it better. Previously we have seen how some rackets re-launches have made It worse. The most significant difference, in my opinion, is the size of the head.

To impress fellow players, Yonex added a sound filter option to it by adding new materials at the two and ten o´clock positions. This update results in a louder and sharper hitting sound and also eliminates up to 31% of vibrations.

Tri- iBumper

Yonex has put a lot of research into developing “Tungsten infused grommets,” which maximize the contact time between shuttle and strings. It gets even better when combined with TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM developed by Yonex.  With this combination, it allows the racket head to bend in a more controlled way to get the most out of the power you are using.

Most of the time, high-end products from Yonex and other producers get over-hyped, but in this case, the hype has proven itself to be one of the best rackets there are at the moment.

After I finished testing it, I totally understood it – before trying it, I was more or less skeptical.

In my opinion, this is an overall great racket and should be considered by every player that wants to bring their game on a new level. Most of all, I would recommend the racket to players that have a more attacking way of gameplay.

With the combination of stiff shaft and aerodynamic head, Yonex has made significant progress in getting maximum power from the racket allowing a player to return shots with incredible power.

While bringing out all the aspects of the racket, you understand why it is considered to be such a great piece of art.

In my honest opinion, players have different preferences and requirements for their racket, but Z-Force 2 suits for most of you if you are not a complete beginner. It will suit best for an intermediate attacking player who is playing badminton consistently for over a year.

Also, a remarkable fact is that professional players are still using it nowadays, which means that the racket still brings the best performance to the field.

Why should the professionals play with it when it is not the best one available!

The nanometric material used in the shaft of the racket makes it 60% thinner compared to a standard racket by lowering the quantity of carbon present in the shaft without compromising its stiffness. This new material uses the most updated technology of Toray Industries Inc called NANOALLOY.

I think Yonex has always stood out from the rest of the pack by offering its customers exactly those products that are the greatest in terms of quality and innovation. You can be sure that the company will not release anything that is not up to their standards.

A Great racket is the first essential item you need to bring your game to the next level. In my opinion, Z-Force II gives you the edge you need over your playing partners with the state of art technology and materials used in it.

As I have tested hundreds of different rackets, I can say without any doubt that buying a Z-Force II racket can not be a mistake.

Although it might take you a while to get used to it, you will thank yourself later that you decided to invest money and buy it.

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